Grés d’Annot

A fascinating geological phenomenon, the sandstone blocks of the Grès d’Annot are a unique natural playground.

Hidden beneath massive cliffs is a maze of enormous sandstone blocks scattered amongst a forest of century-old chestnut trees.

The path wends its way through this magnificent forest, revealing caves, troglodytic shelters and sites with names recalling legends of yesteryear: the King’s Chamber, the Queen’s Balcony… Les Grès d’Annot is also a world-renowned climbing site for bouldering and rope climbing.

The sandstone is found in the streets and houses of the charming village of Annot, nestled at the base of the cliffs.

Annot is about 15 mins drive from the Camping du Brec. It can also be reached by train from the village of Entrevaux.


  • Hiking in the Annot sandstone (about 3-4h) with explanatory trails
  • Rope climbing or bouldering
  • ‘Annot à Bloc’: Annual climbing festival
  • St Fortunat festival with brass band, bravado, battalion in Napoleonic costume
  • Weekly market and Provencal festivals in summer
  • Train des Pignes and the Steam Train
  • Horse riding
  • Guided tour of the village
  • Local chestnut-based products
The Mairie d’Annot and the Tourist Office are delighted to invite you to discover the Grès d’Annot by watching this short, charming film!